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Stratford Student Council is conducting the annual Stratford vs. Memorial canned food drive starting on the 1st of April and finishing on the 9th, where the winner will be announced at the Stratford vs. Memorial baseball game (home game starting at 7pm). The goal of this event is to engage students in a schoolwide philanthropic event spurred by friendly competition with our rival school in an attempt to help out the surrounding community.

In years past we have encouraged students to participate by offering various incentives such as an exemption, food truck Friday, and an early dismissal if we win. Last year, Stratford alone was able to collect nearly 40,000 cans (enough to distribute to all of the food banks in our area and move outside of Houston). We are hoping to raise the same amount, if not more, this year since many families in our community have been struggling due to the pandemic.

We are proposing that we incentivize students by giving them an hour lunch one day if we win (if we do not win this will not happen). We would not have spartan time that day, and transfer the time that would have been spent in spartan time to both A and B lunches. The idea would be to open up the soccer fields for students to eat at in order to continue to follow social distancing protocols. This action would not detract from classroom instruction time, and would also provide ample incentive for students to beat Memorial.

If you wish to contribute in a non-traditional way, then we have included an Amazon link below.  You can make a direct purchase but please be sure to change the shipping address to Stratford High School and put the recipient as Stratford STUCO.  We know this isn’t a true wish list that is already setup, but it’s the closest our students could get to creating one for you.  Thank you for your support!

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EOC and AP exams are quickly approaching. For these exams, distance learners are expected to test in-person at their high school campus. Our testing protocols align with LearnSBISD health and safety measures and are designed to enable more teachers to proctor exams as students spread out through more spaces. Thus, we will utilize remote learning schedules for specific days, as outlined in the table below.

Please review to determine whether your student is testing on one or more of the identified dates. If your student is not taking the test being given on a specific day, they should follow the remote learning instructions in the shaded columns for that date.

SBISD will administer AP exams on campus May 3-7, 10-12, 14 and 17. High schools will follow their regular schedules on all these days, except on May 4, 5 and 6 as noted in the table above. Students should check with their AP teacher for the course exam date, times and testing location.

SBISD’s AP exam schedule aligns with the College Board Administration 1 window. Make-up dates will be during the College Board’s Administration 2 window (May 18-21, 24-28), only for students who:

  • have scheduling conflicts with Administration 1
  • are quarantined due to Covid-related illness during Administration 1
  • have unique individual conflicts (determined case-by-case)
  • Please contact your campus AP Coordinator for scheduling

View full College Board AP exam schedule here.

In alignment with our current practices, parents may request that a student report to campus on a remote learning day. Your principal will share additional information about safety protocols, testing procedures, and instructional plans.