ACT/College Board Guidance

Applying for College Board (PSAT/SAT/AP) Accommodations:

To receive accommodations through College Board, your child must meet the following conditions:

  • Have a diagnosed condition that requires academic accommodations to be equal to his non-disabled peers
  • Have an individualized plan such as a 504 Service Plan with accommodations that has been in place for at least 4 school months
  •  Be actively using the accommodations on his 504 Service Plan

Parents will need to complete the College Board Consent Form ( and email it to the appropriate grade level assistant principal. The grade level AP will obtain the appropriate Teacher Survey Form and submit the Student Service Plan. 

When you need to apply: You should start the process as soon as possible. If you are not initially approved, you may need time to get a more detailed letter from your clinician, teacher evaluations, and compose personal letters in order to receive accommodations. Please note, the school will only submit SBISD documentation to College Board.  Any additional documents must be submitted by the parent directly to College Board.

How will you know that accommodations have been approved: College Board will send you an email or a letter by mail.

Resources for help:

Stratford High School Code: 443447

College Board for Students with Disabilities – 1-844-255-7728

Applying for ACT Accommodations  

  • You will first need to register your student to take an ACT online (several months in advance).
  • During the registration process you will need to “click” that your student wishes to use accommodations.

ACT will email SHS testing facilitator, Alexis Green to ask that information be submitted to complete the accommodations request process. Before Mrs. Hudek can provide information to ACT, you as the parent, will need to sign and email the following consent form (Complete Form) to  

Make sure to register for the test SEVERAL MONTHS in ADVANCE to give Ms. Green time to complete her part and for ACT to complete their review of the documentation and information and make a decision.

Resources for help:

Needing your Child’s Section 504 Service Plan?:

  • Please use the following link (Section 504 Request) to request a copy of your most recent Section 504 Student Service Plan
  • Requests will be fulfilled within 2-3 school days
  • For security purposes, Accommodation Plan will only be emailed to SBISD email addresses