AP Testing

Students interested in taking the AP exam for a course they are enrolled in, must register for their AP exam online in the Collegeboard platform. Once registration is complete, students may secure a test by submitting payment by November 6th.  Tests will only be ordered for students who complete both steps.  If a student wishes to take a test for a course they are not enrolled in, please see Mrs. Hudek for details.

AP Exam ordering is now available for 2nd Semester Spring Classes only.  These exams include Macroeconomics and Physics Electricity & Magnetism. Registration should already be completed online with your teacher. All students wanting to take an exam in those classes will need to select YES within their College Board account. In order to finalize your registration from there, payment is required between February 22-March 5.

Exams are $85 and College Board does NOT allow for refunds.

College Board cost reductions are based on whether your family’s income qualifies you for Free/Reduced Lunch - not whether you eat for free. 

All payments can be made online through My School Bucks (OPEN NOW) Please see link below:

Any check or cash payments must be made in person to Mrs. Hudek, on the 3rd floor before 3pm on March 5th. Checks can be made payable to Stratford High School. 

Students whose payment is not complete by March 5th, will be removed from registration and the exam will not be ordered.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Hudek via email (Meagan.hudek@springbranchisd.com), phone or go speak with her in person.

              AP EXAM SCHEDULE:

              Please click here for AP exam schedule