When do I need to talk with my school counselor?
Your school counselor is your advocate and can help you problem-solve classroom situations.  Any problem that you cannot stop thinking about, and it troubles you, is reason to talk with your counselor, teacher, or an administrator.  We are always here to help when you are dealing with a crisis!   Please ask your teacher for a pass.  You can also come to the counseling office before or after the school day. 

When parents need to meet with their student's counselor, email is the preferred method of communication, but please call if you have questions!

Counselor For Name Location Phone Number Fax Number
Last Name A-B and X-Z Christine Oliphant 2nd Floor GL Office ​(713) 251-3650 (713) 251-9405
Last Name C-F Lynn Hollister 3rd Floor GL Office (713) 251-3522 (713) 251-9381
Last Name G-Ke Shiwann Simpson 2nd Floor GL Office (713) 251-3654  
Last Name Kf-Ne Crystal Arrington 3rd Floor GL Office (713) 251-3520 (713) 251-9401
Last Name Nf-Sa Jim Herrington 3rd Floor GL Office (713) 251-3521 (713) 251-9402
Last Name Sb-W Darryl Whitaker 2nd Floor GL Office (713) 251-3655​ (713) 251-9407
CIS-Wellness Melody Hall Clinic (713) 251-3468  

Please note:
Last name designation is done by the last name on your birth certificate
​(as it is listed in Skyward).  If you have 2 last names, the first last name will be used in your counselor assignment.  

Example:  Jane Smith-Anderson would be alphabetical by using Smith.  

CIS-Wellness Counselor
SHS is fortunate to have a full-time Communities in Schools (CIS) social service provider on campus to deliver a variety of programming and provide referrals to other agencies as needed. Our CIS-Wellness counselor is Melody Hall. Her office is located in the clinic. Whether it is eye glasses, tutoring, a safe place to live, or just someone to talk to, our CIS Wellness Counselor is there to help. The Wellness Counselor provide supportive guidance and counseling to students in need of additional support in individual or group settings.

The CIS Wellness Counselor provide students in crisis with interventions that alleviate emotional and behavioral challenges, enhance coping skills, improve student emotional and physical health, and in turn, scholastic achievement.  Interventions target conflict in the home, grief and loss, developmental concerns, identity issues, verbal or physical aggression, anxiety, withdrawal, suspected drug/alcohol use, and unusual behavior.  Children in need of these counseling services are identified by referrals from school principals and teachers, and parents.  

Counselor Administrative Assistants

Miriam Ramos
Students C - F & Kf - Sa

Office Location 1st Floor, Clinic office entrance
Direct: ​(713) 251-3660

Dulce Rodriguez-Mora
Students A-B, H - Ke and Sb - Z

Office Location 1st Floor, Clinic office entrance
Direct: ​(713) 251-3570
Fax: (713) 251-9405

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