Class Rank

Class Rank is calculated at the end of three, five, six and seven semesters.

According to SBISD policy,

  • The rank after three and five semesters is a quarter ranking.  Students are notified of these results by mail.
  • The six and seven semester ranks are reported as both quarter and numerical.  Students are notified of these results by mail.

Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year seniors receive two preliminary rankings and one final rank.

  • The first preliminary rank (six semesters) will be available prior to August 1.
  • A second preliminary ranking (six semesters and retake summer school grades) will be calculated prior to October 1.  This rank includes records for all seniors enrolled, including seniors new to SHS.
  • The final ranking (seven semesters) will be issued prior to February 1. 
  • No calculation is done at the end of the senior year.

Class Rank Computation

AP/Pre-AP/Gifted & Talented Grade Level Special Education Semester Grade Points
A (90-100)     7
B (80-89) A (90-100)   6
C (75-79) B (80-89)   5
D (70-74) C (75-79) A (90-100) 4
  D (70-74) B (80-89) 3
    C (75-79) 2
    D (70-74) 1

Stratford uses a weighted grade point system for computation of a student's G.P.A. A numerical rank is issued to seniors at the beginning of the year, upon completion of the first semester, and at the conclusion of the senior year. Quartile ranks are issued to sophomores and juniors at the end of the second six weeks to inform them of their progress.

Stratford graduates continue their education; therefore, a strong emphasis is placed on a classical college preparatory curriculum. More then two hundred course offerings afford a wide variety of choices for all students.