Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment

DUAL CREDIT and DUAL ENROLLMENT are ways in which students can earn college credit for high school courses.

Dual Credit (DC) allows students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously by successfully completing Houston Community College courses. High school and college credit is awarded when the student passes the course. Students can earn three credit hours upon successful completion of the course. DC classes are taught by college instructors and high school teachers who serve as adjunct HCC professors. Students must meet college readiness standards via the PSAT, SAT, ACT, or a STAAR/EOC waiver. DC classes are weighted.

Dual Enrollment (DE) classes also allow students to earn high school credit and a potential college credit.  Students receive high school credit upon completion of the course and can elect to accept the three credit hours if they qualify and pass the college portion of the course. Classes are taught by Stratford high school teachers in collaboration with the University of Texas OnRamps college instructor of record. Any Texas public institution and many private schools will accept the credit. DE is open to any student who shows high achievement and self-discipline, and who wish to experience college level coursework. Core dual enrollment classes are weighted.