Freshman Year

On this page are ACTION items that each Freshman Spartan student needs to complete in a timely manner.  

Each bold GREEN title is an ACTION item that needs to be completed.  

​This page will be updated as needed, so check back often. 

Know Your College Board Account

Make sure you know the account that you used to take the 8th grade PSAT.

​Know Your SBISD Student Email Account

The counselors will be communicating with you through your MYSBISD.ORG email address. When emailing your counselor, please do so using your MYSBISD.ORG account. 

If you have issues with your MYSBISD.ORG email account, please seek assistance from the Library.  

Four-Year Plans Created during Freshman Year:

Please note, that your child's Alpha Counselor, will at some point during the school year, have a one-on-one conversation with your student about his/her 4 Year Plan.  This conversation may or may not be before course selection (enrollment) for sophomore year (January/February), or it may also occur before or after a Spring Peer (Parent) Meeting where information will be shared on all things related to graduation, courses/electives, and endorsements. 
A 4 year plan can be changed and is not set in stone until on or about mid-junior year. 

At the time your student has a conversation with the Alpha Counselor, your child has been given an opportunity to read the 4 Year Plan Binder Preview. If after your child meets with his/her Alpha Counselor, you and or the child chooses something different than discussed, it is absolutely okay to choose any course available to your student, at the time of enrollment, even if it differs from what was discussed and put into a 4 year plan in Skyward. 

​Please note, classes required to meet Texas High School graduation requirements are non negotiable. 

Any 4 year plan changes will be done the following year during one-on-one 4 year plan meetings with your students Alpha Counselor.  Please check Skyward often on a DESKTOP and look for the endorsements tab.  At this time, we are not sure if endorsements can be seen by parents or students.  This viewing is not set by SHS, but by the district, therefore, please check Skyward often.