Senior Year


SBISD would love to celebrate your accomplishments.  Please share information about all the scholarships you have been offered, even if you are not planning on accepting the scholarship.

Please fill out the Scholarship Survey so that we can celebrate you!

Have your award notice(s) or other documentation available so you can upload the information to this report.    Example: Email, screenshot, pdf, jpeg or any other format.

On this page are ACTION items that each Senior Spartan student needs to complete in a timely manner.  
Each bold GREEN title is an ACTION item that needs to be completed.  
​This page will be updated as needed, so check back often.

Check your Skyward email periodically for information. Weekly/Monthly emails will be sent to all students and registered parents

Check your FAFSA Account:
It is your responsibility to create an account starting October 1st. 

It is your responsibility to call the schools you have applied to this year and check if anything is missing from your file, once you receive an award letter after being accepted into an institution.
If you need further information, please contact the schools you have applied to directly.  They are your best problem solvers and helpers everything FAFSA related. 

FAFSA opens on Oct 1st of every year. 

You will need your parents tax information in order to complete the application.

SBISD Student Email Account Information
The counselors will be communicating with you through your MYSBISD.ORG email address. When emailing your counselor, please do so using your MYSBISD.ORG account. 

Please make sure you have all the Login and Password Information  you need for the account. Use the link above to find your information.

If you have issues with your MYSBISD.ORG email account, please seek assistance from the Library.  

Build Your College List in Naviance

Request transcripts to be sent to your colleges, submit requests for letters of recommendation, and sign the FERPA in the Common Application through Naviance as well as in Skyward. Detailed instructions can be found here: NAVIANCE & COLLEGE APPS STUDENT GUIDE

Download A PDF Scanner App To Your Phone or Other Device

Click this link below for various types of  PDF Scanners with ratings on each.

Scanner App Information 

Having a scanner will be something you need in order to ensure all documents that are needed for your application(s) are available when you need them.  Having a scanner is not required but it is highly recommended that you have a scanner app and use it.  

The counseling staff would like to see students take the responsibility to scan any items needed for colleges/universities or application including scholarships.

Fill Out The Brag Sheets - Parent and Student

The Brag Sheet(s) are an opportunity for you to write about the things that make you unique.  In order for a letter of recommendation, these forms must be filled out with as much information as possible so that your letter can be specific to you and your talents.

​You can do this one of two ways:

1.  Students: Pick up a paper copy from your Alpha Counselor or print a copy from the link below.

Student Brag Sheet

2.  Parents: Email your students Alpha Counselor to leave a copy at the front desk or print a copy from the link below.

Parent Brag Sheet

(Students: You were given information during your English class during the month of May.  Keep this information because it is helpful when you start your Senior year.)
If you are having issues with Naviance, please let your Alpha Counselor know as soon as possible.  ​

Read and Print off the following sheet:

Letter of Recommendation Form To Give to Teachers