SHS Choir

  • Marcie Baker
  • Gyasi Blanton


All State Auditions


District Auditions: 60 singers will advance from District in each of the treble sections. 50 singers will advance from the Bass 1 section, 30 from Bass 2, 22 from Tenor 1, and 30 from Tenor 2. The region leadership can elect to take more than the minimum numbers depending on the registration numbers per section. This decision must/will be made before the audition begins. There will be two sections of each Treble Voice Part (Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1, Alto 2).  In each treble section the top 30 singers will advance to total 60 treble singers.

Region Auditions: The top 17 in each section are chosen for the Region Mixed Choir. The next 20 in each Treble section are chosen for the Region Treble Choir. There are no alternates to the Treble Choir. Treble Choir students may move up to the Mixed Choir if alternates are needed. The top 12 chairs in each section will advance to the Pre-Area audition. 

Honor Choir Auditions: (Freshman and Sophomores Only) The Honor Choir will be an auditioned choir made up of 30 sopranos, 30 altos, 20 tenors and 20 basses. They will audition during the Region Choir Auditions. If a school does not have any students gain membership into the Honor Choir then they will be allowed to nominate 1 student to either Soprano or Alto if no students earn membership and/or 1 tenor or bass if no student earns membership to represent their school in the Honor Choir. The nominated student must have entered and auditioned for the Honor Choir. Furthermore, judging panels will be made up of 3 judges rather than the traditional 5. No director may be on a panel where they have students competing as per TMEA policy. 

Region Clinic and Concert Weekend 

The students who advanced into the Region Mixed Choir (Chairs 1-17), Region Treble Choir (Chairs 18-38), and Region Honor Choir (Chairs 1-30 Sopranos/Altos & Chairs 1-20 Tenors/Basses)  will go by bus to Cypress Park High School for a 2 hour rehearsal with their individual sections and clinicians.

November 9, 2019 - Tallowood Baptist Church  

This is a full day of rehearsals with the Mixed, Treble and Honor Choirs and their clinicians.  Lunch will be provided. After a long day of rehearsals, there will be a concert that showcases all three choirs.  The concert is at 5:00pm. Transportation will not be provided on this day.  

Pre-Area Auditions: The top 5 and 2 alternates will advance to the Area audition. No alternates will be called up after 10:00 pm on the night before the auditions. This applies to Pre-Area and Area auditions.

Day of Saturday Auditions

(Procedures very similar to Thursday Pre Area Audition)

Students will report to the Stratford choir room early in the morning for a warm up and run through of all the pieces. 

Students will then ride on a bus to the school hosting the audition.  When they arrive, they will need to turn into the chaperone their cell phones.  No phones are allowed at this audition. It is grounds for disqualification. The chaperone will hold onto the cell phones until the audition is over. 

Students will then report to the table that is designated for the voice part to check in. At this time they will receive the audition cuts and audition badge with their audition number on it.  Once students check in and receive a badge, directors cannot come in contact with students.  

Students and chaperones will designate a Stratford table and settle in for the day.  Students may mark their music to mark the cuts for the audition. They may continue to warm up, but they may not sing the audition songs at this time.  Once all students have checked in, they will do a big group warm up and each section will get to sing through the audition cuts. After the students have rehearsed the cuts with the big group, students are no longer allowed to sing the audition cuts until the audition itself! 

At this time the audition will begin.  Students will not know their audition time until their number is called. There is no way of knowing the audition time ahead of time.   When their number is called they will report to the main stage and be escorted to the room in a group.  

One at a time the student will audition in the room.  It is a blind audition. Students will walk in a see a blue/black curtain with a music stand in front of them.  The judges will not speak to the singers, the singers should not speak to the judges. The music will simply begin once the door is closed.  

After the audition, students are free to leave.  SHS will have a bus that brings students back but not until the end of all the auditions.  We allow students to leave after they audition. If they choose to leave, they will need to use the school campus phone to call for a ride.  When their ride arrives, the student should sign out with the chaperone and retrieve their cell phone back. Once students have left the building with their cell phone, they should not reenter and risk disqualification.  

If the student's schedule allows, I would like to encourage students to stay to the end of auditions.  At the end of all the auditions, the Region Chair will verbally announce the results of students who will advance into the next round.  It is fun for the directors to be with the students who advance and it is also good for us to be with the singers who do not advance to help them understand their results.  Staying to the end of the audition is NOT mandatory. 

Ms. Baker will post results of the students who advance to the next round on the Choir Facebook page! New music is prepared and auditioned for each round of auditions.