SHS Orchestra

The Stratford Orchestra Program has a thirty year tradtion of musical excellence at UiL and TMEA Competitons. Most recently the Orchestra has performed in Symphony Hall Chicago and Carnegie Hall, New York. In 2014 the Stratford Orchestras traveled to Santa Monica and Anaheim, California where they made a professional recording at Disneyland Sound Studios.

The Stratford Orchestra Program is comprised of four performing groups including Philharmonic, Camerata Gold, Camerata Green and Symphony. Each group performs enjoyable music designed to challenge students, as well as to build and reinforce musical skills. Placement is by audtion and allows for students to participate on levels ranging from one year of previous experience to State level performance skills.

The Stratford Orchestra Family participates in a great many team building activities including performances at the Texas Renaissance Festival, Field Days, trips, pool parties, end of the year Banquet and many other fun activities.

  • Michael Fahey
  • Marcos Altamirano