Bell and Lunch Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule
Period 1 or 2 7:45 9:10
Period 3 or 4 9:16 10:41
SPARTAN TIME 10:47 11:27
A LUNCH 11:27 11:57
Period 5 or 6 (A Lunch) 12:03 1:28
Period 5 or 6 (B Lunch) 11:33 12:58
B LUNCH 12:58 1:28
Period 7 or 8 1:34 3:00

Students must be in their first class by 7:45 AM, and will be released from their last class at 3:00 PM. Each day consists of four class periods: 1, 3, 5, & 7 on A days, and 2, 4, 6, & 8 on B days.

Lunch Schedule

A Lunch B Lunch
Math English
Science Athletics
Social Studies Guthrie Center Class
Foreign Language Fine Arts
Office Aide CTE

Lunch is based on what class you have 5th and 6th period.

  • If you have a math class 5th or 6th period, you have A Lunch; thus, after Spartan Time, you would go to A lunch first, and then you would go to 5th Period. 
  • If you have a CTE class 5th or 6th period, you have B lunch; thus, after Spartan Time you would go to your CTE class first, and then you would go to B lunch

Testing Days
During finals and other district-wide test days, special schedules will be announced and posted ahead of time. 

Calendar of A/B Days