Dress Code

The faculty, administration, and staff at Stratford HS support and enforce the District’s dress code policy to ensure the most beneficial environment for the student.  The SBISD dress code can be found in the 2021 - 2022 Student/Parent Handbook. In addition, Stratford HS’s specific dress code policies are as follows:

General Clothing

  • Clothing may not be worn which is obscene or distasteful, displays inappropriate slogans, advertises tobacco, drugs, alcoholic beverages or prohibited substances, (written or pictured.)
  • Clothing may not be worn which depicts identified gang symbols or gang affiliations.
  • Garments which are see-through are not allowed.
  • Undergarments (top and bottom) should never be exposed.


  • Off the shoulder tops or tops that expose any part of the back are not allowed.
  • Tops that have low cut necklines or expose the midriff area during normal school activities (i.e. raising your hands) are not acceptable.
  • Halter tops, tank tops, tube tops, or any immodest tops may not be worn.
  • Sleeveless jerseys without a t-shirt underneath are not permitted.


  • Pants, shorts, skirts that are immodest and/or expose undergarments are not permitted.
  • Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist.  Students will be required to tighten the waistband of their pants with their own belt or a school provided plastic ‘cinch’, if available.
  • Oversized, baggy pants are not allowed.
  • Torn and tattered clothing at mid-thigh or above is not allowed unless leggings or tights cover the exposed area.
  • The length of shorts and skirts must be appropriate for school and school activities. The campus administration will have authority to determine what is appropriate for the campus. Shorts, biker shorts/tights, skirts, and dresses must be no shorter than mid-thigh.  Nike type running shorts are not allowed.
  • Leggings can be worn underneath clothing (skirts, dresses, etc.) that are in code but cannot compensate for length.  Leggings, and form-fitting pants or shorts may be worn if the shirt is waist length.


  • Hats, caps, beanies, hairnets, bandanas, sweatbands, scarves, towels, rags or head coverings of any kind are not allowed.
  • Oversized jewelry and jewelry depicting gang symbols may not be worn or visible during the school day.
  • Body piercings that are distracting is inappropriate for school and school related activities.  Piercing of the face will be limited to ears only.  Gauging of the ears is not allowed.  Piercing of the eye area, brows, lids, forehead, scalp, cheeks, nose, lips, tongue, chin or neck is prohibited. 
  • Chains hanging from clothing and spiked accessories are not allowed and will be confiscated.


  • Hair should be clean, neat and well groomed.  Any hair coloring or style that distracts from the learning environment is not permitted.
  • Unnatural or excessive application of make-up is not allowed.


  • Blankets, pillows, or other similar items cannot be used, carried, or worn during the school day.
  • Sleepwear/pajamas may not be worn inside the school building.
  • Tattoos which display obscenities or sexual innuendo, depict violence or weapons, advertise or promote alcoholic beverages, narcotics, tobacco, or other prohibited substances are not permitted. Additionally, tattoos which display gang affiliation or that could be viewed as offensive to others are not permitted.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. House shoes/slippers or shoes creating a safety issue are not permitted.

Consequences to Dress Code Infractions

  • The dress code is subject to change and all decisions made by the administrative staff are final.  Failure to comply with principal request will be considered insubordination that may result in disciplinary consequences. 
  • Dress code violations must be corrected before a student may return to class.  Students that are unable to correct their dress code may be sent to ISS.
  • Determining the method of correction of the dress code violation will be the decision of the school administrators.  Corrections include but are not limited to: placing a ‘cinch’ in belt loops to tighten waistband, changing into appropriate clothing, and removing prohibited items.
  • Students found in violation of the dress code for the same offense on the same day are committing a level 3 offense, insubordination, and are subject to disciplinary consequences according to the SBISD handbook.
  • Grade level offices will keep track of the number of dress code violations as discipline infractions.  Repeated violations may result in detention, ISS, and/or suspension.
  • Failure to correct the dress code violation will result in disciplinary action.