Clinic Staff

Connie Hamon RN Nurse
Raquel Pomeroy Nurse Assistant

Clinic Hours

7:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.


Clinic: 713-251-3436
Nurse Assistant: 713-251-3437

Stratford HS Clinic

Ms. Hamon and Ms. Pomeroy in the school clinic are available to help students who become ill or injured during the school day. In addition, we also help students manage a variety of chronic conditions. We screen all new students for problems with vision, hearing, spinal abnormalities as well as risk factors for diabetes, height, and weight. We manage immunization records and assist students to obtain required vaccines to enroll. We counsel students about health issues. And, we help students and families obtain access to healthcare.We believe healthy students learn better and want to help all students succeed.

Student Services

Stratford provides a wide variety of direct support services in an effort to meet the needs of every student.

Student Assistance Program (SAP)
Student support groups provide one of the most powerful vehicles for personal growth and transformation. SAP is a voluntary and referral-based program that includes a systematic effort to educate, identify, asses, prepare and support students with various identified difficulties. Areas of concern include alcohol/drug use, eating disorders, chronic health issues, family support, and stress-related coping issues. Groups are facilitated by trained staff and community volunteers.

Drug Education
The Lunch Bunch is a 12-step meeting provided for students who are in need of support to maintain sobriety and healthy living. Teens meet during lunch for daily support. These groups are facilitated by area professionals licensed in chemical dependency counseling. (See also SAP groups and LOWD club meetings.)

One-on-one mentoring is offered for students identified as needing support to become more successful in school. This mentoring is provided by staff members or by community volunteers. Students and mentors are asked to meet at least once/week for emotional and academic support.

A variety of tutorial programs have been established to meet the needs of students: 
  •  Pull-out program for one-on-one tutoring occurs during study hall or elective classes
  •  Each teacher holds before or after school tutorials 
  •  Group tutoring is provided during SAP time for students identified as needing specific help on TAAS/TAKS
  •  Late bus available at 4:30 on Mon - Thurs for students needing tutorials

Individual Counseling
Individual counseling is offered to all students in need of support or assistance. Grade level counselors, student services counselor, school nurse, and Community Youth Services (CYS) Specialist are all available resources for students in response to specific individual needs.