Parking Information

We are now selling 2023-24 parking passes for Seniors and Juniors! 

Senior Parking Passes Beginning July 31st – Monday through Friday, 9:00 – 11:00 and 1:00 – 3:00 in the snack bar of the cafeteria.  Students are able to select the lot of their choice.  Seniors have the first opportunity for this week only to purchase their parking passes.  Seniors will be able to purchase parking permits anytime throughout the year until all parking spaces are sold out.

Junior Parking Passes Monday through Friday beginning August 7th, juniors will be allowed to purchase parking permits in the lot of their choice.  Juniors will also be allowed to purchase parking permits anytime throughout the year until all parking spaces are sold out.

Sophomore Parking Passes – Sophomores will be allowed to purchase remaining parking spaces later in the fall semester.  It has typically been around the 1st week of November, but we will communicate the exact time a few weeks prior to the announcement.

Reminders and Notes

  • Students are required to purchase their stickers in person unless another member of the family who is also listed on the same insurance card comes in for the student.
  • Students cannot purchase a permit in anticipation of getting a vehicle or driving permit/license at a later date.  Students must have access to the vehicle, be a legal sole driver, and be insured at the time of purchase.
  • Remember, parking is a privilege and not a right.  When all parking spaces are full for the year then they are full for the year. 
  • Student parking at Don Coleman Coliseum is not permitted at anytime during the school day.

What is needed to purchase a parking permit?

  1. A photocopy of valid driver's license.
  2. Proof of current insurance.  The student’s name must be listed on the card as an insured driver.
  3. $50.00, paid via MySchoolBucks (see links below), cash, or check (payable to Stratford High School)
  4. Signed Parent Permission Form (aka Parking Agreement)

Having all of these forms completed when purchasing the parking permit greatly reduces the amount of wait time and confusion.   If you have any questions about parking, please contact our 12th grade principal who oversees parking for this year.  His name is Carl Blaze and his email address is  

Click below for Parking information and Regulations, as well as the Parking Agreement parent permission form:

Parking Information and Regulations '23-24
Parking Agreement '23-24

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