Mark Canales - Textbook Support Specialist
Phone: 713-251-3434
Hours of Operation:   Monday - Friday, 7:30am - 3:30pm, CLOSED 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
  The Textbook Office is Room 119 (Snack Bar area)

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Textbook Policy

2017-2018 Student Handbook states on Page H-59:
"State adopted textbooks are provided by the school. State law mandates that textbooks be covered at all times. Students are personally responsible for each book issued them and must pay for lost, stolen, or damaged books. Students are not to write in the textbooks. Students are responsible for checking their condition, noting any prior damage, and placing their name inside the front cover. Students whose book record is unclear will not receive textbooks for the next academic year."

SHS Handbook Addendum states on Page 17:
"All textbooks are the property of the State of Texas.  Students are held financially responsible for lost or damaged books.  Students are required to put their name in each book along with the current school year.  Students should not give their books to teachers, leave them in a classroom or someone else's locker, loan them to other students, or leave them unattended."

Textbook Contract:
Textbooks are not mandatory.  Books issued to students must be returned at the end of the course or anytime prior to the end of the course, if not in use.  If a book is not returned, then the student will be charged for it.  Students will also be charged for textbook damage.  If the fine/fee is not paid, the student may not check out additional books, and records/participation in certain activities will be on hold.  This includes, but is not limited to, graduation diploma, transcripts requests and parking permit.

Textbook Rules

  • Books are barcoded and linked to each student's account.
  • Students are to protect textbooks from damage.  Non-adhesive book covers can be used.  If you notice a problem with the textbook when it is checked out to you, let the Textbook Office know within the first 2 weeks so you are not held responsible for the damage.
  • Students are not to write, underline, or highlight in textbooks.
  • All textbooks checked out to the student must be returned in good, usable condition, with the barcode still attached to the book.
  • If a textbook is lost or damaged, the student is required to pay all costs for the textbook that was checked out to them.

Seniors will not be given their diploma until all textbook obligations are met.

Schedules, report cards, transcripts and school privileges, may be withheld until all materials are returned or fines/fees have been paid.

Textbook Fines & Fees

Replacement IDs are available for $5.00

Textbooks for semester-long classes - such as Medical Microbiology, AP Economics, AP Government, Child Development, Health, Introduction to Psychology, and Sociology (to name a few) - should be turned in after the final.   Second semester students need them!

Textbooks must be turned in on or before the school ends (last day of instruction).  Failure to do so will result in purchasing the textbook(s).  

Second Set of Textbooks

Stratford High School will only issue one set of textbooks to a student.  We do not sell textbooks to parents.  If you need a second set of textbooks for your student, please look at the back cover of the textbook for the 10 or 13 digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN).  An ISBN is a unique number that helps to identify the author, publisher and copyright year so that you get the correct edition of the book.  

Lost & Found

  • Books found in the lunchrooms, hallways, etc., will be checked in and returned to storage.  
  • The student will be given credit for the book.  
  • Only when the book is returned for credit, a new book will be issued when the student asks for a new book.
  • Lost an item: check the Bookroom!  All items are kept until reunited with the owner.  

Online Information

Most of the online textbooks are covered here:

Holt McDougal Online Textbook:

McGraw Hill Online Textbook:

Please see your teacher for your username and password.